5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Switch To The Cloud

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There’s a lot of talk around data protection lately, especially with new GDPR regulations coming into force. The idea of putting all your data into the cloud may be daunting, Here we explain the benefits to your business to make this transition.

1. It reduces costs As a business grows so does its data.

The capacity to store your data won’t be a concern with cloud backup – no hardware or disk space is required. The storage is practically unlimited and you only pay for the banding that you need. This allows you to focus on your business in the present, as you can choose the amount of storage that suits you now, safe in the knowledge that it can grow with you in the future. You also won’t need to buy software, significantly reduce your costs.

2. It increases security

Generally, people’s number one concern when it comes to storing data in the cloud is its protection from theft. However, it’s actually more secure than more traditional storage solutions because data files are encrypted, and reducing the risk of cybercrime is easy when you know how [LINK ‘What do you really need in terms of cybersecurity?’]. You’ll also be protected in the event that physical devices are stolen. Data can be remotely erased, so even if thieves have managed to take your technology, they can’t access its files and you won’t have breached data protection.

3. It’s easily managed

Cloud systems automatically update when there’s a change to the software, taking the effort to install and maintain it off your mind, whilst ensuring the most up-to-date security is in place. As well as this, due to the unlimited capacity, you’ll never worry about lack of space or features. And, if you do require anything additional, scalability can be achieved with a click of a button.

4. It saves time

The ease of organising the cloud certainly helps to save time, as does the automatic syncing of files. The days of wasted hours searching for or redoing work because of computer malfunctions are long gone. On top of this, cloud systems back data up so that even if something is lost, it can be quickly recovered. The data provided in the cloud will also always be in real-time, making it significantly easier to keep track of what is happening in your organisation.

5. It increases collaboration

As staff won’t need to be in an office to do their jobs, they’ll be able to work together no matter where they are – from home, on a business trip, or even in a completely different time zone. This also means you can work better with suppliers and customers in any country. With the ease at which you can share data and the ability to work from mobile devices, collaboration will be straightforward. Files will be updated as and when they are uploaded or changed, so there’ll be no multiple copies of documents or confusion over which is the latest version.

These are just some of the ways switching over to the cloud can simplify numerous processes for your small business, and also help it on its path to growth. It won’t take long, and with Linten, we can get your cloud server backup set up in no time. To make the switch, contact us on 0161 503 5050 or complete the form below.


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