GDPR: Becoming Compliant

GDPR: Becoming Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes with a strict set of rules every business must follow. In the wake of GDPR implementation day, each company will be judged by a Supervisory Authority and considered either “compliant” or “non-compliant” depending on how closely they’ve followed the guidelines.

In part 3 of our GDPR blog series, we consider the steps involved in becoming compliant and evading hefty fines.

Know your data – back-to-front and inside-out

Understanding the data your organisation has stored – and where it is all located – is half the battle in the fight to achieve compliance. Over time, data collection can snowball to the point where information is stowed away in multiple places, and it’s crucial to ascertain the whereabouts of it all before GDPR comes into play.

Using a data discovery tool can help you track down this scattered information to create a data dictionary – which puts everything in one convenient location. From this point forwards, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the contents so you can manage and handle it effectively.

Get secure

Setting up a cybersecurity programme is part and parcel of business protocol in the digital age, but you should always be testing the capabilities of your system now that GDPR is looming. One breach is all it takes for precious data to fall into the wrong hands.

There’s no doubt that defence software and firewalls are pivotal in setting up a strong protective field, but assume the worst does happen and all that personal data is stolen from your computer. You’re liable for big fines across the board in this instance, so don’t take the chance. Encrypt your data ASAP so it’s rendered useless to cybercriminals.

Education, education, education

We might be on the cusp of GDPR integration, but an alarming number of business owners have a cursory knowledge of the directive at best.

Education is key to successful compliance, so time is of the essence here. Bring in as many pros on the subject of GDPR as you can and ensure your staff gain a real understanding of what the regulation actually means for your industry. Our team can advise you on best practices to take the headache out of getting cyber-smart.

See GDPR as a necessity – not a hurdle

Many business owners are treating GDPR like a student does an exam. Amid the groans and the grumbles, there’s procrastination and more than a touch of frustration. It’s all about adopting the right mind-set. The people who pass exams with flying colours are the ones who put the prep work in, after all.

Giving GDPR the respect it deserves involves creating a “culture of accountability” within your organisation. Driving home the importance of the regulation – and ensuring staff are ready to take it seriously – is integral to becoming compliant.

You can read much more about GDPR compliance by downloading our Essential Introduction To General Data Protection Regulation eBook – available for free download here. In the final instalment of our blog series, we’ll be looking at final questions to consider in the build-up to the big day.


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