Linten’s Trusted Backup Service Supports Manchester City FC

Linten's Trust Backup, powered by Acronis


Linten’s technology partner, Acronis, have been chosen to provide the official data backup and storage service for Manchester City Football Club. Linten’s unique cloud backup system, Trust Backup, is powered by Acronis to provide a world-class cloud solution.

This high-profile new deal comes in addition to Acronis’ long-standing partnership with Williams Formula One. The company’s strong association with celebrated global brands solidifies their status as a business backup service to have faith in. Working closely with Acronis, Linten can provide Trust Backup solutions for small businesses to renowned organisations.


Enterprise-Level Cloud Storage

Partnering with Acronis, Manchester City FC (MCFC) will benefit from unparalleled data backup and storage capabilities. Data analysis is a vital part of premiership football, as teams rely on information to review their performance and their oppositions’.

The trusted backup solution will ensure that all data, applications and systems can be accessed and restored efficiently.

“Acronis’ technology is perfectly suited for high-pressure, digitally intensive environment.” commented John Zanni, President of Acronis.


Trust Backup for Small Businesses

We understand that not all businesses operate on the same scale as MCFC or Formula One. However, we believe that all organisations can benefit from the same cloud backup services. That’s why our technology partnership with Acronis enables us to make enterprise-level backup easily accessible.

Linten’s Trust Backup brings Acronis solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you require local backup for data protection or cloud backup for your company operating systems, we make sure your data is safe.


The Highest Level of Security

In international football championships, the stakes are high! That’s why MCFC and Formula One have chosen Acronis to ensure their data is encrypted and safely stored.

Small business owners may operate on a different level, but incremental backups are just as vital for any business. Trust the same service that global organisations use and benefit from a three-pronged approach to security:

  • Data is backed up automatically, transferring it to local storage or the cloud (or both if required) every day or hour.
  • Information is encased inside military-grade defence encryption codes. This makes sure that every piece of data is safeguarded from the most sophisticated attacks and hackers.
  • Data is backed by Tier 3 data centres. The backup points are located in two geographically independent settings, guaranteeing maximum security.

There is the additional option to grow the backup space too, should a business need its service to scale with them.

Linten offers fast and flexible disaster recovery, ensuring a trusted business backup service.


To find out more about how using Acronis and Linten can protect your business’ data, contact us for further information.



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