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Schofield & Sons

Building contractors Schofield & Sons have been fashioning quality structures for half a century. Yet, a few years ago, Managing Director Dan realised their processes needed an upgrade…

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Schofield & Sons

Building contractors Schofield & Sons have been fashioning quality structures for half a century. Yet, a few years ago, Managing Director Dan realised their processes needed an upgrade…

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Schofield and Sons Logo

Schofield & Sons knew they required a boost in their digital capabilities – for sharing files, sending emails quickly, and securing the company’s data to meet industry standards.

The company’s headcount was growing, as was the number of devices in their possession. Employees were using Dropbox for data storage. This meant they were synching and storing copies of files on their physical PCs and laptops, putting them at risk of cyber theft with no centralised control over their network. They sought a solution that could mimic Dropbox’s functionality with the ability to eliminate security threats.

Additionally, the firm’s email services were sluggish and unreliable – a better platform could help members of the business, as well as on-site clientele, communicate more effectively to achieve optimum performance. They wanted to achieve:

  • Seamless cloud data storage for their internal files
  • A faster, more secure email system for correspondence
  • Cybersecurity that met and exceeded industry standards within the construction sector
  • A centralised hosted data platform which provided regulated access to the company’s hierarchy and employees occupational duties


Following extensive consultation, we embarked on a complete modernisation of Schofield & Sons’ IT network. This ranged from the cabling at their head office to upgrading and unifying the systems used by their team, which were not only limited to head office staff but also to site office locations and off-site employees.

We moved them to Office 365, which solved the Dropbox security breaches and offered workforce flexibility. This allowed off-site employees to more securely access emails and files from any location, with controlled access rights determined by management.

Additionally, a similar interface to their old system eased the transition with minimal or no interruption to the business. They now benefit from seamless communication wherever they are. Office 365 aided the expansion of Dan’s organisation, as more people were now able to perform tasks on-site or at home.

By extensively understanding the business’ needs, we also established the requirement for portable 4G routers, allowing site offices to connect to the internet and access files whilst working from new project sites. These routers could then be taken with them to a new site once the designated project was complete. The above resulted in maximum business efficiency and versatility.

We have now implemented and delivered the following solutions to Schofield & Sons:

  • Improved data sharing processes, with a scalable, easy-to-use storage system
  • Reliable, high-speed email hosting
  • 4G solution allowing the business to work from various project sites
  • Office 365 solution for the entire workforce  
  • Secure access to corporate files with the ability to give different access rights to files and procedures to each employee by an authorised controller
  • Provide remote access support

"Their remote login support is invaluable. Linten listen to our queries, accommodate our needs and implement them where they can, as quickly as they can. We are, overall, very pleased."

Dan Schofield
Schofield & Sons


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Robust cyber security

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Streamlined digital tools

Robust cyber security

Construction businesses have to safeguard their digital files – every build brings several collaborators together, who have to trust one another to share data and information securely.

Office 365 with the SharePoint bolt-on interface gave employees a faster, more dependable system without forcing them to change their habits. The option to limit or remove access to the network gives Schofield & Sons confidence in their security protocols.

Streamlined digital tools

Holding everything within a single, scalable and instantly synchronised IT data-point enables Dan’s team to focus on their work wherever they are. Using Office 365, they can create, share and manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease.  

"There have been a lot of big changes to cope with at urbanbubble. Linten have been very good at matching us, adapting and tailoring what they’re able to do. Their flexibility – as well as their refusal to overcharge us – is what made these services a cut above the rest."

Andrea Thornhill

"We’re over the moon with Linten’s efforts! It was so crucial for us to land at a rapid pace when we came to Swan Street. Our first week was exceptionally inspiring – and we continue to get every digital product where it’s meant to be, due in part to the network abilities we’ve been blessed with."

Adele Hunt
Forever Agency

"With the evolving state of telecoms in the UK, we had to pick the finest provider… Linten, without fail, deserve that accolade. I had two other quotes, but we didn’t mind paying slightly more for a service like this – one that solves all of our phone concerns and ensures we as a business become future- proof , whilst taking the logistical side off our hands. Cheers, guys!"

Malcolm Thorpe
Your Choice Home Improvements

"We moved into our new offices and needed a reliable phone system and a conference line to support us. The brief was a system that looked good and worked well. Linten understood exactly what we needed and found us the perfect hardware. One year in and it’s been 100% reliable. The conference line has been a brilliant asset and one we couldn’t do without. Thanks to the team for making it so simple."

Ben Gross
Electric Circus

"We’ve worked with Linten for a decade now and they always rise to the challenges of our evolving business. They provide full IT support and have become an important part of the Theo’s family."

Theo Gavriel

"Linten were recommended to us as a trustworthy technology team, who could help our business grow. Internet connectivity is an important aspect of the service we offer; we and our clients are very happy with the solution Linten provide."

Marc Studholme
Storage World

"Linten enabled us to make our dreams of expansion into a manageable reality. Their expertise has ensured that every franchise of The Massage Company is connected and provides a consistently high quality customer experience."

Charlie Thompson
The Massage Company

"We are delighted with the service we have received from Linten. We are already benefiting from the roll out of upgraded IT systems and look forward to ever-increasing efficiency in the future."

David Hudson
Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers

"We have worked with Linten for a long time, as our trusted IT service provider. They ensure that we are always connected, despite the difficulty associated with our location. We look forward to their continued support and upgrades as our company develops."

Mike Sammon

"As we undertook an MBO, we needed to future-proof the business for potential expansion. Communications with our clients is a priority and Linten’s solutions will help us deliver excellent customer service long into the future."

Ryan O'Connor
Pantheon Property Services


We promise to deliver a solution that is right for your business. We understand that every organisation has its own unique requirements and we work with you to deliver the services and support that your business needs to thrive.

Highest levels of IT expertise

Friendly, helpful assistance – no jargon

Strategic partners with a focus on growth

Fast, effective solutions and reliable support

State-of-the-art security and backup

Tailored support to help you hit your targets

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Want to join a thriving IT team? We might just have the perfect opportunity for you...

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Our roots are important to us. That's why Linten play an active role in the local community.

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We maintain strong links with several energetic, innovative business groups across the North West.

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