Storage World

Looking to expand their business across multiple locations, Storage World needed a trusted IT partner. We provide uninterrupted WiFi connection for Storage World and all of their clients.

Storage World

Looking to expand their business across multiple locations, Storage World needed a trusted IT partner. We provide uninterrupted WiFi connection for Storage World and all of their clients.

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Storage World logo

Storage World provide simple storage solutions for personal and business use. Their sites also include an integrated business centre, providing offices, workshops and workspaces.

Scalable Solutions

They came to Linten looking for an IT partner to help them develop their business as they grew. Storage World wanted to expand into new locations and needed to ensure their systems allowed for this expansion.

Storage World operates using software that requires remote access. Therefore, the challenge was to ensure a secure connection from remote locations to the server held on-premises at the primary site.

Reliable WiFi for Staff and Customers

Not only did Storage World require unbeatable internet access for their own business operations but for their tenants and customers. With small businesses operating out of their premises, Storage World require enterprise-level WiFi connection to sell on to their clients.


Fully Managed WiFi

We know that all modern businesses rely on fast, reliable internet connection. What’s more, guests, customers and clients increasingly expect access to a WiFi network. In the case of Storage World, WiFi is a vital service that they pass on to tenants of their rented workspaces.

We provide fully managed WiFi, so all tenants can connect securely to the central internet access point.

Hosted Email via Office 365

Communicating with clients and across multiple business locations, Storage World required professional email service.

We provide a fully managed Office 365 solution, covering email and file management. This ensures that all internal and outgoing communications take place within a compliant environment. With security in mind, our Office 365 connection includes integration with backup and antivirus software.

Full IT Support

We manage the WiFi connection as well as all on-site IT hardware.

Linten are the outsourced IT department for Storage World, the go-to team should any issues arise.

"Linten were recommended to us as a trustworthy technology team, who could help our business grow. Internet connectivity is an important aspect of the service we offer; we and our clients are very happy with the solution Linten provide."

Marc Studholme, Managing Director
Storage World


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Key services for Storage World

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Full IT Support

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Managed WiFi

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Hardware Install and Support

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Hosted Email via Office 365

Managed WiFi

Multiple small businesses operate from rented offices at Storage World, using storage units as micro-warehouses. Our WiFi solution maintains resilience, efficiency and speed, even with numerous devices connected.

Storage World requires flexible, scalable wireless internet access, in order to cater for fluctuating demand. By managing and continually monitoring their WiFi connection, we can adjust the system to scale.

Our managed WiFi is available as an unmetered package, with optional wired failover and security measures. These features combine high-speed internet access with peace of mind for internet security.

The Latest IT Equipment

As Storage World expanded into a second business location, they required up-to-date hardware.

Linten supply, install and support all IT equipment to fit any small business. By auditing immediate business requirements and strategic future plans, we source the hardware to fit any budget.

Equipment often includes PCs, laptops, printers, routers, switches, accessories, storage, fully managed public and private Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Once it is safely installed, we continue to monitor your new equipment, providing ongoing support and maintenance.

"There have been a lot of big changes to cope with at urbanbubble. Linten have been very good at matching us, adapting and tailoring what they’re able to do. Their flexibility – as well as their refusal to overcharge us – is what made these services a cut above the rest."

Andrea Thornhill

"We’re over the moon with Linten’s efforts! It was so crucial for us to land at a rapid pace when we came to Swan Street. Our first week was exceptionally inspiring – and we continue to get every digital product where it’s meant to be, due in part to the network abilities we’ve been blessed with."

Adele Hunt
Forever Agency

"With the evolving state of telecoms in the UK, we had to pick the finest provider… Linten, without fail, deserve that accolade. I had two other quotes, but we didn’t mind paying slightly more for a service like this – one that solves all of our phone concerns and ensures we as a business become future- proof , whilst taking the logistical side off our hands. Cheers, guys!"

Malcolm Thorpe
Your Choice Home Improvements

"We moved into our new offices and needed a reliable phone system and a conference line to support us. The brief was a system that looked good and worked well. Linten understood exactly what we needed and found us the perfect hardware. One year in and it’s been 100% reliable. The conference line has been a brilliant asset and one we couldn’t do without. Thanks to the team for making it so simple."

Ben Gross
Electric Circus


We promise to deliver a solution that is right for your business. We understand that every organisation has its own unique requirements and we work with you to deliver the services and support that your business needs to thrive.

Highest levels of IT expertise

Friendly, helpful assistance – no jargon

Strategic partners with a focus on growth

Fast, effective solutions and reliable support

State-of-the-art security and backup

Tailored support to help you hit your targets

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Want to join a thriving IT team? We might just have the perfect opportunity for you...

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Our roots are important to us. That's why Linten play an active role in the local community.

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We maintain strong links with several energetic, innovative business groups across the North West.

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