Most modern IT support companies can provide high-quality remote support wherever you are in the world. Yet, some hardware still requires the human touch. When choosing an IT support company, it’s important to consider their location. 

If you choose a remote IT provider based miles away from your business, you could be left waiting hours for an engineer in an emergency. Alternatively, choose an IT company that’s just around the corner and your familiar technicians can be on-site in no time. 

The North West business environment is growing faster than anywhere else in the UK, with a 15.9% birth rate for new businesses. To sustain this industrial growth, businesses need fast-paced IT systems and ever faster IT support response. At Linten, we’re proud to be based in the heart of Manchester city centre supporting local businesses, and here’s why:

Benefits of Local IT Support

Quick Response Time

If an issue can’t be solved remotely, you need an engineer who can reach your office quickly. Our team of engineers can reach any Manchester-based business (within the inner ring road) in just 20 minutes, on average. A local, city centre IT company can respond almost as quickly as an in-house IT team, for a fraction of the cost. 

Reinforcement for Remote Support

Remember, remote IT support relies on a stable internet connection. If you lose connectivity in your office, you will need an engineer to check your hardware in person. Get back online with immediate response from a local team of IT technicians. The most valuable outsourced IT support services combine both remote monitoring and on-site reinforcement.

Seamless Installations

When it comes to installing or replacing IT equipment, you’ll need an IT engineer on-site. Speed up the installation process by choosing local engineers who will arrive on time and get the job done.

If we can’t come to you, our city centre base lets you come to us! If you need replacement IT equipment quickly, and none of our engineers are available, pop into our Manchester office. We keep a stock of computer accessories, including emergency routers and dongles, available for loan or purchase within minutes.

Close Working Partnerships

IT security is increasingly important for all businesses. That’s why you need an IT support team that you can trust. If you’re based in the city, choosing an IT company in Manchester city centre makes it easy to arrange face-to-face meetings. Outsourcing to a local business allows you to get to know each other and to build a trusting partnership.

Beyond emergency IT support, a trusted, local IT company can step in should you need temporary cover for an IT Manager or a representative IT Director in board meetings.

Things to Consider When Choosing your IT Support Team

  • Internal vs Outsourced IT Support

Can you afford to hire an in-house team of IT technicians? How often do you need an IT engineer on-site?

Call-outs to a remote IT support team cost, on average, four times less than an in-house IT technician’s salary. Yet, when you face a technical emergency, time is money. Large companies (over 250 people) often prefer to employ their own IT team; but a local IT service can still provide invaluable ad-hoc and interim support.

  • Location, Location, Location

Can I rely on my IT support team to fix issues quickly? How long will it take for them to reach my business in an emergency? 

Remember, many businesses advertise a virtual address to give the illusion of a local, community presence. When choosing a local, reliable IT company, make sure they are in fact local.

  • Expertise

Do they know what my business needs? 

Beyond awards and high-profile partnerships, make sure that your chosen IT company understands your industry and your business. Choosing a local provider ensures that they understand the culture and ecosystem that your business is part of.

  • Someone you can trust…

How well do you know your remote IT support provider? When did you last meet face-to-face?

Stay in control of your IT systems with regular review sessions and updates from your IT support team. The more we understand your business, the better we can tailor our support services.

Linten: Manchester IT Support & Proud

At Linten, we are proud to be active members of the Manchester business community. As part of the Manchester Business Breakfast Club and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, we also host social and networking events for the Federation of Small Businesses. We take time to get to know local businesses, to understand their specific needs and to champion the Northern Powerhouse community.

Providing award-winning IT support in Manchester for over 20 years, we understand what it takes to help small businesses to grow. We work with businesses nationwide, but we are perfectly positioned to serve our Manchester-based clients with high-speed reactive response. 

Whether you need an ongoing IT retainer or ad-hoc support and installations, contact our Manchester city centre HQ to discuss your situation.