Despite major technical advancements, many businesses continue to undervalue good IT equipment. If you think that your budget can’t stretch to upgrade your IT hardware, think again… 

Short-term investment in modern IT equipment can improve productivity, staff retention and, ultimately, profit margins. 

Outdated Hardware: Decreased Productivity

Companies of all sizes need reliable IT systems to allow staff to work do the job they are employed to do. More than just a laptop or desktop computer, businesses require uninterrupted internet connection, made possible by high-quality switches, routers and servers. 

Frustrated office worker, slowed down by poor internet connection
Did you know that poor internet connection wastes 21 days each year for every office worker?

Outdated hardware, that is no longer fit for purpose, can affect your business productivity dramatically. As companies increasingly function using cloud-based applications and storage, they require stronger internet connection with larger bandwidth. But old-fashioned equipment simply does not have the capacity to support increased bandwidth. Money spent on faster internet packages is wasted if the server itself can’t keep up.

Ultimately, legacy IT equipment wastes valuable time and resources, as employees face errors or are left waiting for web pages to load… 

The Actual Cost of Downtime 

IT downtime is costing UK businesses an average of £3.6 million every year

What’s more, a staggering 545 hours of staff productivity are lost annually because of IT outages. Based on the UK’s average hourly wage (£13.75), this translates into an average annual loss of £7,235 per employee.

Breakdown of costs and percentage downtime across businesses of all sizes

Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director of Beaming – an independent internet service provider – comments: 

“Internet failures can happen for all sorts of reasons, including malicious attacks, poorly configured routers or simply not using products that are appropriate for business. As businesses grow, it becomes more important to put in place the right capacity, to have the ability to scale quickly and to protect networks from cyber attacks. Any organisation with more than 10 internet users should be monitoring their systems for emerging problems and have experts on hand that can help immediately at the first sign of a problem.”

Motivate Staff and Improve Recruitment with Modern IT Equipment

The cost of downtime and lost productivity is not the financial burden associated with outdated IT equipment. Inadequate hardware also can be off-putting for staff, which can lead to increased recruitment costs. If you notice that employees are routinely leaving at the end of their training or probation period, it is worth conducting exit interviews. You may discover that outdated workstations contributed to their decision to work elsewhere.

Upgrading your IT equipment can boost your chances of attracting the greatest talent. New recruits, fresh from the college or university, are accustomed to ultra-fast internet access. They’ll come to your office expecting a high-specification, dual-screen setup, and their workload will suffer without the right tools. 

A 2017 study by Sharp Electronics found that half of all UK office workers found slow computers “restrictive and limiting” and 38 percent said that modern technology would make them more motivated.

Inspire your staff by showing that you are investing actively in their wellbeing. A new workstation will be cheaper than recruiting and training replacement employees!

Upgrade Opportunities

Repair or Replace

Investment in your IT equipment can take two obvious forms: upgrading and repairing your existing hardware, or replacing it entirely with new models. We recommend running detailed diagnostics on any existing issues, to help define the most cost-effective course of action. Our helpdesk engineers can help you to audit your IT equipment and recognise any problems.

The comparative cost of repairing or replacing your hardware can vary dramatically, case by case. Deterioration over time is inevitable for all IT equipment; everything gets slower as it gets older. Joe Silverman, owner of New York Computer Help, recommends:

“If the computer is seven years old or more, and it requires a repair that is more than 25 percent of the cost of a new computer, I’d say don’t fix it.” 

For advice on your specific situation, contact our service desk.

Buy or Lease

Purchasing new IT equipment for your business gives you total ownership and control over your systems. You can choose when and how to upgrade certain elements of your machine, such as replacing a hard drive. Investment in high-quality assets will improve your professional reputation and maximise security

If you recognise the long-term benefits of upgrading IT equipment, but cannot afford the short-term financial outlay, you may consider a flexible lease agreements. Choose either a fixed-term rental agreement, or a monthly subscription package, to access the latest IT equipment.

Renting equipment allows you to upgrade your hardware more regularly. Once your lease term expires, we can help you replace your equipment with new, higher-end models, for maximum productivity.

IT Equipment from Linten

From strategic consultancy to procurement, installation and support, Linten provide IT equipment for businesses of all sizes.

Our IT Consultants will take the time to understand your business and define an upgrade roadmap to suit your budget. Once we have agreed an efficient roll-out plan, our expert engineers will install your new equipment, including any associated software.

We provide desktops, laptops, routers, networking equipment and all computer accessories, large or small. 

More importantly, at Linten, we look, listen and understand the underlying issues within your business productivity. This consultative approach enables us to advise on an IT strategy that fits your business but doesn’t break the bank! 

Never has there been a more pressing time to provide the right workstation, with the right level of security. Protect your company data, as well as your staff satisfaction, productivity and profit margins by upgrading to the latest IT equipment.

Get in touch to discuss upgrading your business IT equipment.