Communications and data reign supreme in the property sector. With multiple stakeholders to impress and support, the property industry requires reliable communications and IT systems more than most. Landlords, agents and tenants all have individual needs and concerns, which can’t afford to be disregarded.

Integrated IT services are the way to ensure everyone concerned has those needs met. Here are the specific areas to focus on to support all parties involved in property transactions.


The long chain of parties involved in property transactions means that communication across the entire line is vital. Hosted telephone systems will allow for seamless you to make this seamless. With features like voicemail-to-email messaging, full call reporting and recording, you can maximise the efficiency of your communications and ensure that no phone calls get ignored.

Now is the time to install hosted phones as a cost-effective and futureproof system. Traditional phone systems are more likely to experience technical faults, and also have higher costs as they require additional equipment and maintenance. The ISDN switch off due to begin in 2020, so VOIP hosted phones are the future of telecommunications for the property sector.

We know that property agents are often on the move, working from multiple sites. Hosted phones and hosted desktop services allow you to maintain consistent communications, wherever you are. Every participant in the chain of communication will experience boosted productivity, which ultimately makes it easier to build relationships and deliver projects or transactions on time.

Hosted phones and desktops rely on high-speed internet connection – another vital IT service for the property industry. Beyond focusing on internal connectivity for agents/developers, landlords may also consider investing in installing WiFi for their tenants. Managed utilities packages provide proven benefits for landlords, developers and agents. Landlords of commercial and business properties could increase their rental yield by offering high-speed internet access and/or hosted telephony as part of a package.

Data Security

Making everything available via the internet is great for ensuring smooth operations, especially when multiple parties are involved. However, it does pose the issue of data protection.

During property transactions and reference checks, tenants are required to share a great deal of personal information. Reaffirm their trust in your property company by investing in the utmost data security. In doing so, you will also ensure your own business continuity in the face of a data breach.

There are multiple layers involved in effective protection from cyber threats, including incorporating industry-leading protection and defence software. You could also opt for real-time monitoring, network layer security, multi-factor authentication and third-generation firewalls.

With maximum security in place, property agents can offer fully compliant, trustworthy services to landlords and tenants alike. Increased resilience to potential cyberattacks, will ensure the safeguarding of data and minimum disruption to any property projects.


If you do have issues with cyber threats or your technology, support will be essential to getting you back up and running quickly. The type of support you require will be dependent on your specific circumstances – first-, second- and third-line support are available.

Ideally, the support you choose will be proactive as well as reactive, so that your network achieves high productivity levels, whilst also benefiting from general maintenance. Support should be ongoing, regularly checking your systems’ functionality. These checks can include hardware capacity tests, virus protection and operating system updates.

As your business increases in size, or your property portfolio grows, a great provider will be able to scale your IT solutions.

Linten’s integrated Property IT services

At Linten, our IT solutions are bespoke to each client’s needs. In the property sector, this means that we cater for developers and construction firms, local estate agents, and always keep the tenants in mind. Our fully integrated services allow for the best possible experience in the property market, ensuring that your operations are seamless and efficient.

We have a proven track record, working with estate agents, developers and site managers who rely on us to secure their place in the market and support their brand. Property management and letting agents Manlets Property are able to provide quality customer service and communications thanks to our failover internet installation and hosted phone systems in particular.

If you’d like to find out further information about our integrated IT services and how they can be tailored to your business, speak to our team today on 0161 503 5050 or through our online contact form.