Is a traditional telephone system hurting your business?


One hundred and forty-five years on from the first telephone patent by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone remains an iconic mainstay for business communications.

But the telephone has come a long way since the 19th century. From the candlestick models, to the rotary dial version, touch tone and cordless phones, and more recently mobiles and smartphones, the telephony world has truly evolved.  

Today, cloud computing brings opportunities that enable businesses to communicate more effectively in the 21st century.

Many businesses are moving their entire telephone systems to the cloud, removing the on-site infrastructure that a traditional phone system requires and the huge expense of the initial setup, ongoing maintenance and potential upgrades.

Hosted Telephony Solutions are available in various plans, creating flexibility to allow any business to take advantage of the benefits offered. Solutions can come complete with calling minutes included, or as a without-calling option, enabling businesses to source a telephony carrier of their choice – or use an existing PBX system.

Hosted Telephony supports a wide variety of devices. For those businesses wanting to continue with the classic desktop handset there isn’t an issue. But it’s worth noting that many forward-thinking business are using “soft-phones” (software phones) and using a headset connected to their laptop allowing staff to walk around the office and take a call wherever they ma be. 

Another major benefit of moving telephony to the cloud is the ability to work from almost anywhere in the world. If another major outbreak happens in the world and businesses require their staff to work from home all customers of Linten Technologies will be ready to work from home at the flip of a switch (your laptop switch that is!)

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