Professional services businesses are built on expertise and client trust. It is vital to offer IT services that reflect the level of expertise your clients have come to expect.

When choosing IT services for your business, we recognise the importance of minimising technical errors and maximising client-facing services. In this blog, we outline priority IT considerations for professional services to maintain (even boost) client confidence.

Compliance with Legislation

All businesses must comply with legislation, but professional services in particular may be required to demonstrate their compliance with the law. Considering the valuable and personal nature of professional services data, a data breach could be costly. Therefore, it’s important to invest in IT services to minimise any risk.

The most relevant current legislation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This has superseded the Data Protection Directive, with wider reaching rules and liabilities.

Linten’s trustbackup service ensures that your business and client databases are securely encrypted against data breaches. To protect your data storage, we recommend regular system health checks, network audits and real-time monitoring. Most importantly, choosing a fully managed service provides peace of mind for an instant response in the unlikely event of a data security breach.

As technology gets more advanced, legislation may well change and adapt. Therefore, choose IT services that can adapt to any adjustments in data protection, or to specific legislation for professional services.

Utmost Security Measures

The information held by professional services businesses is both highly valuable and private. Unfortunately, this can increase the likelihood of targeted cyberattacks. Internet security software is a vital consideration for legal compliance within online systems. This can include encryption, anti-spam, malware and ransomware, and firewalls, amongst others. To ensure that data can only be accessed by relevant parties, we recommend installing password managers and multi-factor authentication.

To maintain client trust, back up all sensitive data via a trusted platform. For unparalleled data security, adopt a three-pronged approach:

  1. Regular, automatic backup will ensure that no information is missed
  2. Secure encryption will keep all professional services data protected from cyberhackers.
  3. Additionally, multi-location data storage means that, in the rare instance of physical or digital danger, the information remains safe.

Client Relations

It’s not just how you deal with their data online that affects clients’ confidence in your company. How you communicate with them also plays an important role, especially if they require support with sensitive issues. Legal and financial services can be stressful and time-sensitive, so it’s important to maintain consistent communication systems.

Ensure that you can offer flawless communication by installing fully managed hosted telephony with uninterrupted internet connectivity. Auto-attendant features, voicemail-to-email messaging and anywhere calls, are some VOIP features that will encourage client satisfaction. The added ability to host secure conference calls will allow you to work closely with clients and third-parties.

Hosted desktops are another way to ensure consistent communication, even if you’re working remotely or on a business trip. Access business IT systems remotely and securely for unparalleled efficiency.

Hosted phones and hosted desktops require reliable and high-speed internet connection, for you to maximise your productivity and maintain a fantastic reputation.

Boost your IT services with Linten

Linten offers fully compliant security measures and online communications systems. Our IT solutions will fit your business and its individual processes and systems. What’s more, our services are built to adapt alongside organisational change, to meet any new demands.

Many professional service businesses are benefiting from our bespoke solutions. Take insurance brokers Buckland Harvester, who we provided with upgraded technology to help them stay competitive and up-to-date with industry standards.

To find out more about the IT services to suit your professional services business, speak to our team today on 0161 503 5050 or via our online contact form.