Due to the current global pandemic every office in the UK has to shut down unless they’ve been named as keyworkers by UK Government, OR their Business Continuity plan includes a remote working strategy. Here we talk about the current global pandemic.


The past 2 months have been a testing time for businesses all around the world – with some businesses closing, some experiencing delays in their supply chain, and others needing to make staff redundant.


Whilst lots of businesses are setup to work from home and can work from home without loss of revenue or efficiency – there are businesses that just can’t continue their primary work remotely, for example clothing stores, public houses & bars, and other venues. We at Linten understand the difficulties that have arisen for businesses and want to say that we’re all in this together and we will continue to endeavour to assist businesses however we can.


For businesses that can continue to work through the global pandemic IT is going to continue to be one of the most important parts of your business’s infrastructure that you own. Your IT infrastructure is what will allow you to work remotely and continue to do so as long as the current lockdown is in place – going forward this remote working ability will allow your workforce to be able to work from anywhere in the world as long as there’s a decent broadband connection.


To try to help businesses who have had to close during the Covid-19 pandemic we are speaking to our suppliers to understand if there’s anything we can do to help our customers with cashflow, or support to understand how we can best help your business in this trying time.


As key workers during this crisis Linten are available for IT support throughout this period and continue to provide support on a business as usual strategy – if you’re unsure of how we can help to enable your business to work remotely please reach out to one of our team through the normal channels. Though Linten are working business as usual we have also been hit hard by this outbreak and though we fully understand that cashflow and non-essential spend needs to be reined in we must also ask for your help by asking you to ensure you keep your services and account up to date.


The below attached document outlines some of the Government assistance that may help your business during this global crisis.  Government Assistance For Your Business.