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Emergency Response

Remote Support
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3rd Line Escalation Change Requests


Choosing the right type of support is vital for your business continuity. For clients on a proactive managed retainer, we’ll spot any issues in our regular monitoring system and address them immediately.

However, when an unforeseen issue arises, you can rely on our reactive services. Unexpected issues may occur for clients with or without an IT support retainer. These might include:

  • Critical Response. We can help your business to recover from a virus or cyber attack. Similarly, if you are unable to connect to your network or wi-fi, our engineers will get you back online.
  • Non-critical systems. If an IT system won’t directly affect your business services, they may not be actively monitored and problems may go unnoticed. You can schedule ad-hoc support for installing new software to your servers, workstations and mobile devices.
  • Change requests. A fault or bug might appear during regular updates or scheduled migrations. Contact us to update or make changes to your technical equipment, from speeding up laptops and phones, to adjusting firewalls and antivirus rules.
  • General technical faults. For customers without a proactive support agreement, we can respond to large or small issues after they have occurred. For example, if printers aren’t working correctly or you need help installing new phones and photocopiers, we can help.


In the unlikely event of a technical emergency, our reactive support team will address the situation as soon as we’re made aware of it.

It’s difficult to budget for unexpected issues, so we offer prepaid Support Blocks which can be rolled over and used for any reactive work. For example, if your server or internet connection goes down, our IT engineers will find a quick and efficient solution. This time will be deducted from your Support Block, so you don’t face a surprise invoice. Adopting a break fix approach, we will solve your business critical issues and only charge for the work we do.


Our IT technicians have extensive knowledge and are highly skilled in their fields. This allows us to provide expert, tailored support when you need it.

We can solve almost any issue remotely. This means that you can expect an accurate diagnosis and repair, without waiting for an engineer to arrive on-site. If an issue can’t be fixed remotely, our expert technicians will attend emergency call outs quickly.


Our remote services offer the opportunity to contact us in whatever way you prefer. When an issue arises, rest assured that our experts will know how to respond.

Call our one-to-one service desk at any time, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. One of our expert support team will be available to talk through your issue.

We’ll raise the problem in our ticketing system, which enables us to respond to detailed requests and enquiries as soon as an issue arises. We will keep you updated throughout the process via email, so you know what we’re working on without interrupting your work any further.


Remote IT support is proven to save time and money. An in-house IT technician’s salary is around four times more expensive that the average spend on call-outs. Outsourcing your reactive IT support allows for issues to be resolved faster, without a costly in-house investment.


We may work remotely but we will become part of your team.

Think of Linten as your internal, yet outsourced, IT department. For an efficient response, we take ownership of the issues you log with us, either over the phone or via email/ticket.

As your trusted IT team, we are the first port of call for any problems with hardware or software. We are able to answer almost all queries remotely, with our remote support applications. Yet, we also like to build a personal rapport with each team, encouraging them to approach us with any issues.


We have over two decades of award winning experience in the IT industry. We believe in offering trusted service and great value.

Explore our range of support services, from Proactive IT Support, Ad-Hoc Support and fully managed services.

Visit our contact page to get in touch with the Linten team today, or call 0161 503 5050. We offer innovative technology solutions wherever you are based.

"There have been a lot of big changes to cope with at urbanbubble. Linten have been very good at matching us, adapting and tailoring what they're able to do. Their flexibility - as well as their refusal to overcharge us - is what made these services a cut above the rest"

Andrea Thornhill

"We’re over the moon with Linten’s efforts! It was so crucial for us to land at a rapid pace when we came to Swan Street. Our first week was exceptionally inspiring – and we continue to get every digital product where it’s meant to be, due in part to the network abilities we’ve been blessed with."

Adele Hunt
Forever Agency


We promise to deliver a solution that is right for your business. We understand that every organisation has its own unique requirements and we work with you to deliver the services and support that your business needs to thrive.

Highest levels of IT expertise

Friendly, helpful assistance – no jargon
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Fast, effective solutions and reliable support

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Our roots are important to us. That’s why Linten play an active role in the local community.




We maintain strong links with several energetic, innovative business groups across the North West.


Reactive IT Support | Linten Technologies

Reactive IT Support | Linten Technologies


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